Bakehouse 46 - The Best Bakery in Ann Arbor


If you’re in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you better make a beeline to Bakehouse 46 bakery in Ann Arbor ASAP. Our bakery is more popular than a puppy in a pet store! Why? Because we whip up fresh-baked goodies that’ll make your heart sing.


Think warm cookies, fudgy brownies, towering cakes, flaky pies and tarts, and the fluffiest muffins and scones you’ve ever tasted. And listen, if you’re planning a fancy-pants event like a wedding, we’ve got you covered with custom desserts and wedding cakes that are legit drool-worthy. It’s no wonder locals and visitors are head over heels for Bakehouse 46. Trust us, your sweet tooth will thank you.


Are you a self-proclaimed foodie like I am? Do you love trying out new places and exploring different cuisines? Well, then you absolutely need to stop by Bakehouse 46 in Ann Arbor. This bakery is the ultimate destination for anyone with a sweet tooth or a hunger for freshly baked goodness. Trust me when I say that this place will not disappoint.


Quality Ingredients and Options


At Bakehouse 46, we believe that quality ingredients make all the difference in producing truly scrumptious baked goods. That’s why our bakers work tirelessly to source the freshest and most wholesome components for our creations.


Our bread is made with organic flour and the finest sea salt – resulting in a crisp golden crust and a light airy texture. For those with a sweet tooth, our pastries are made with the freshest, seasonal fruits, and our creams and chocolates are produced from scratch in-house.


The Ambiance


Let’s talk about the ambiance first. The bakery is nestled in a cozy little corner of Ann Arbor with ample seating both indoors and outdoors. The decor is chic and minimalist, with light wooden furniture and pops of greenery to liven up the space.


The friendly staff adds to the welcoming atmosphere of the place, making you feel right at home as soon as you walk in. And let’s not forget the heavenly scent of warm, baked goodness that will hit you as soon as you step inside.


The Coffee


Now, for my fellow coffee-lovers out there, you’ll be glad to know that Bakehouse 46 takes our coffee just as seriously as our baked goods. We serve coffee from local roasters, and our latte art is top-notch. Trust me, the perfect cappuccino and a croissant make for a match made in heaven.


We’re a local mom-and-pop bakery that’s all about spreading some love in our community. We’re not just in the business of baking up delicious treats, we’re in the business of making you feel like part of the fam. Our team is as friendly as a Golden Retriever and ready to give you the lowdown on all the best pastries. Come on in and let’s get to know each other!




In conclusion, Bakehouse 46 is a must-visit for anyone in Ann Arbor or the surrounding areas. The welcoming ambiance, delicious food, and commitment to sustainability make it a standout spot in the community. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick coffee and pastry or a leisurely lunch, Bakehouse 46 has got you covered. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.


Bakehouse 46 is truly a bakery unlike any other, offering the best selection of baked goods in Ann Arbor and beyond! Whether you are looking for some tasty treats for yourself or a custom cake for a special occasion, Bakehouse 46 has it all. Visit today and discover why Bakehouse 46 is the best bakery in Ann Arbor!


Enjoy your visit to Bakehouse 46 – The Best Bakery in Ann Arbor!

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